Konko API overview and how to get started!


Konko AI provides a fully managed API to help application developers

  1. Select the right open source or proprietary LLMs for their application
  2. Build applications faster with integrations to leading application frameworks and fully managed APIs
  3. Fine tune smaller open-source LLMs to achieve industry-leading performance at a fraction of the cost
  4. Deploy production-scale APIs that meet security, privacy, throughput, and latency SLAs without infrastructure set-up or administration using Konko AI's SOC 2 compliant, multi-cloud infrastructure


The Konko API is fully compatible with the OpenAI API protocol

This allows the Konko API to be a drop-in replacement for applications currently using the OpenAI API but seeking open-source alternatives.

Guide: Switch OpenAI Apps to Konko API

Getting Started

Sign in to our web app to access the Model Playground ➡️ or create an API key ➡️ to access models via our endpoints for chat completions ➡️ and completions ➡️.

If you're interested in custom large language models, learn more here ➡️.

If you're ready to move to production, we provide dedicated production APIs ➡️ optimized to meet your security, privacy, throughput, latency, and reliability requirements.

Available Models

We make it seamless to access any popular open source or proprietary model through our standardized API endpoints. Check out our Available Models.

We're continuously evaluating and adding new models. If you'd like to see a new model, please request it by emailing [email protected] or asking in our discord. ➡️

What’s Next